Crazy Jelly Beans Fun Tub A Sweet Tub Full Of Crazy Shaped Jelly Beans

  • £5.50


Crazy Jelly Beans Fun Tub-A sweet tub full of crazy jelly beans . These beans a packed with flavour and come in various shapes and sizes presented in a 11cm high sweet jar with a tamper proof lid to ensure freshness



Sugar glucose syrup water modified maize starch acids: malic acid; fumaric acid; citric acid flavourings glazing agents: beeswax; carnauba wax; shellac vegetable oil: coconut fruit and vegetable concentrates: apple; spirulina; safflower; carrot; blackcurrant; nettle; spinach; turmeric caramelised sugar syrup colours: E100; E120; E131; E132; E133; E150d; E153; E171 May also conatin cerials containing GLUTEN

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